NGD: First FCS foray (strat content)


Well GAS won that round 😅.

2019 Fender Custom Shop 1965 strat in faded 3 tone sunburst (9.5” 6105) with flame maple neck and handwound ‘65 pickups. Visited my friend for a setup hangout (and he wanted to try it, of course). Now that it’s dialled in Im digging it a lot. Hoping it’s a long term deal! It did come with all the accessories and the back plate is currently on my desk.

I’ll add some clips later!

The goods:




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Very happy with my Ilitch backplate.

I wonder if they have a setup that'd fit my snakehead Tele....

The Dawgtown 5/2s sound amazing. To ditch the hum would make me very happy....
Went to bed late last night, but checked out the Frudua method for floating trem setup and got the 3 semitones on the G as described. Now I have to decide if I want more relief or raise the action (neck is very straight).
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