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NGD #2! Solar E-Type


Power User
congrats on the guitar! sick lookin! I've been wanting a HT evertune bridge guitar to compliment all my FR style

I'm a HUGE FR fan and think the Evertune is the best invention since the Floyd Rose. It's like the Floyd was the ultimate answer to a trem, the Evertune is the ultimate answer to a fixed bridge.

Wow! That looks like a rockin beast of a guitar. You should post a few sound clips.

Workin' on it now, just taking a break to shove some spicy ass Mexican food down my throat!

Rev is about to be haha. If you want an EBMM stingray, i know of a guy selling. Or a CE22 with one weird scratch. Or a wine red LPC for $3400cdn. Or an SC594 for $3500cdn. Etc. /threadclutterer
Hahahah I'm chilling out for a few weeks. These two will keep me plenty occupied. Plus I just got the Gilmour EMG's in for my Strat, which will make that an entirely different sounding guitar than it is now. And I'm bringing my other Strat to my tech for some fretwork so I can actually play it again. In 3-4 weeks I'm grabbing a Solar 7 string though, that is definitely going to happen. :smiley:

Funny, as much as I love the PRS, all I wanted to do was get home and play that Solar. Might be because I'm more in the chugging mood right now, but man, I really love this guitar!
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