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New XiTone cab


Ordered this guy a while ago and just received it today. Working with @MicFarlow was a great experience and would definitely recommend his products.

I started my Fractal journey with an Alto TS112A that has served me well, but I wanted to see how the other brands compared. Wow. After playing for an hour or so I can say that this XiTone cab is a significant upgrade. I don't know exactly how to describe it, but there is just a lot more clarity. The high gain presets have a lot more bite and my clean presets are more clear.

I originally requested it with a 3 rack space to fit a power conditioner, but now I think it was a sign that I will HAVE to get an Axe Fx 3.



Fractal Fanatic
That's the difference between an entry level powered PA speaker and a well built and great sounding full range speaker. The Altos work but that's about all you can really say about them.
Agreed. I bought some Alto's when I first got my Axe-Fx and was very underwhelmed. Took a chance and bought some XiTone's and was sold from then on.
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