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New To Axe FX, LOVE IT! would like some advice though!


So I have just received My AXE FX Mark II, and absolutely love it! I purchased Cab pack 13 and The Bass cabs pack from fractal. This was the first time using the AXE in a track. I would love feedback, and maybe some help on how to get the guitars a bit bigger. All opinions of course are welcome! All the Guitars, and Basses for played through the Axe. I will leave the track below! This is a project my friend and I have been working on for a little, and we do everything in my small project studio.



Great song, the structure and riffs are awesome. Great vocals too.
If you are looking for more size can I ask are you double/quad tracking and how hard are you panning?
It sounds like there are more than one track but panned a bit central? I may be way off here.

I double track and pan hard right and left and either use slightly different amp setting or different IR's. Every time I dial in a rhythm tone I do a secondary tone with a different mid and high setting.
I find that two different tones make the overall guitars bigger in the mix. Sometimes I'll use two different amps for the same purpose.
Some parts I'll quad track just to add a dynamic lift in places.
I'm definitely no expert though, I'm sure there are plenty of people here who can offer and more technical approach.
The old drive block before the amp trick works with a lot of amps too.

What is your go to amp?

But it's all about personal preference and a lot of trial and error.
It took me a while to start to find how to get the tones I was looking for.
My suggestion is to go through the amps to find the ones in the ballpark of what you want, then find the cab IRs that work well with those amps.
Nice choice with Cab Pack 13. I was struggling to get a tone I was super happy with, then I bought that pack and it just worked for me. Once again, it's a personal preference.

Your tone is really good, go with your gut and try a few things until you find your way of sitting everything in the mix in a way that suits your ear. keep experimenting and you'll find what you're after.

Welcome to the Fractal community, you're going to love it.
Most importantly, have fun.


Cab Pack Wizard
Welcome to the forum Alex! Pretty good for a first clip right guys? :) I love the song!

This is one of the best online communities and you'll definitely find helpful people in here like Shaun.

Like Shaun said the guitars sound like they're all in the middle. I suggest you to double track your guitars and pan them 100% left and right. I can hear the sound is very good already. Maybe the bass was a bit loud in the mix also.

Other than that it sounds very pro. That chorus vocal hook was sick!


Power User
All opinions of course are welcome! All the Guitars, and Basses for played through the Axe.

Sounds great man, good tones and slappin' da bass technique. Only thing I would say to offer is to double track the guitars if you can. It adds more "depth" to the guitar recording. Misha from Periphery outlines that part here:

Take a look and let us know what you think. If you already did this then my apologies...


Fractal Fanatic
I echo what everyone else has said, the only criticism is the snare seems super loud to me.
Listening on studio monitors:
The guitar is mixed a bit too far down (drums and bass are dominant).
I'm guessing the engineer is either a drummer or bass player.
Cool tune and riffs!


Nice song. The drums, bass and vocal are tight but something with the guitars is slightly out of balance. I'm also thinking that they are a bit too quiet or even that there is too much low middle so that they are fighting for space with kick and snare. Have you done some cutting on the guitars between 250 and 600 Hz? Try to cut out some more, it could open up the mix. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm an amateur after all, your mix is surelly better than my mixes:).

Keep on going with the good work.


Thank you everyone for the fast response! I really really appreciate it! The guitars were all double tracked EXCEPT the lead which is panned slightly off center. The Rhythm Guitars were panned hard right and left. This is what confused me, We have never run into this problem before. I will take a look at the EQ as suggested above. Again, thank you to everyone that responded! I am already lovin this community, thank you for the warm welcome. I will continue to post on these forums, as well as continue to post more songs and recordings!
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