New setup I've been working on in 2019 (advanced af)


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Happy new year everyone! I've been working my ass off in 2019, not with music, but with my home studio. Some of you may remember my old setup from years back, basically an axe-fx II, then some rack stuff, but now I've summoned the setup from hell. It's so advanced I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what's actually going on :tearsofjoy: So this idea has been kind of my ultimate setup idea for many years, well some of the gear was not even invented when I first started thinking about this.
It's not 100% ready yet because it's been so rough on my economy that I've yet to buy the last couple of cables to hook everything up, lol. I use Klotz cables for everything these days so I just gotta buy the few ones missing from this monster. At least I've got all the gear and could maybe need your thoughts and advice on how or if this will even work, lol. The owner of KHE Electronics was kind enough to draw me a diagram showing how to connect everything, but I need to experiment with ground lifts and such when I will power it up. It's gonna totally be a frankenstein monster kind of a moment for me, haha! This is not even my final form because I've got a lot of gear not showing in this setup. Once I get everything connected and working I will post an update with a studio tour maybe :smilingimp:

So here's what's going on:

rack 1.pngUten navn.png
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