Presets NEW! Master Thread - Austin Buddy +PLUSPACK 2024 for CYGNUS X3 Axe-FX III (fw25) FM9 (fw67) and NEW!! FOR FM3 (fw8)

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Hi everyone:

The website is back up now. My web team tells me it can take orders fine and your account access should have been restored, except possibly for a small number of you we can fix manually.

If you login and you still have a problem with a broken download link or missing files, please email me at heybuddy @ or message me here, with your order email and we'll get the web team on it.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hi everyone - Episode #2 of the That AustinBuddy Tonepack show is now up on my YouTube channel, and features my friend Like Cutchen of the country-rock band Midland. He brought some of this cool guitars over and we played random presets form the +PlusPack, LiveGold, and Naked Amps. It was fun! Enjoy!

Head's up +PlusPack fans -- Cliff has released a new, public beta firmware 25.0 also called CX3.

This firmware will likely significantly CHANGE the sound amp presets in the +PlusPack you are using now from firmware 22-24 sounds.

Read Cliff's all CAPS message here before even thinking about updating:

I'm have two Axe-FX IIIs so I can run them side by side comparing each preset from firmware CX3 to CX2, and dial in a CX3 version accordingly - but this takes time.

If you guys wondered why I wait between firmware updates and only do them once a year, this is a good example -- because with the new changes it's probable that the +PlusPack will need to be re-leveled and gain adjusted for CX3.

I'm gonna start that CX2 to CX3 TonePack update process for LiveGold in April...200+ Bass will follow in sometime in June-July....then Brit Rock...then Naked Amps... the +PlusPack is last (it's supposed to be released early each year, with new amps added)

SO -- for the time being, I'd urge you to stay on firmware 24 CX2 if you are using the +PlusPack on gigs or recording...let the public beta process work out and bugs get found/resolved...

Onward and upward!
Just a head's up -- my web team has resolved the website database/download/missing order issues that some of you were having with past orders or logging in the past few weeks since we launched the new updated website in January.

There may be a small handful of customers that could still have issues -- and if so, I can personally work to manually fix those as they come up. Just email me with your order email and what issue is (screen shots are helpful). Thanks.

Also - make sure you have the very last update for the +PlusPack. It's listed/called:

It fixes two errors ya'll found.

I would not try the +PlusPack with the new Axe-FX III firmware 25 public beta -- because that new firmware is going to change and default-out multiple amp parameters when you do the soft or hard amp preset reset necessary to use that new beta 25 firmware. You have been advised!
Hi! Just one question for FM9. So, for now, only Plus pack is 6.0. Live gold and Naked amps still old firmware?
Hi! Just one question for FM9. So, for now, only Plus pack is 6.0. Live gold and Naked amps still old firmware?
TonePack firmware numbers are what the file says. The website product page also now says what latest version is. There is always a time lag between new firmware and a TonePack update, usually a few months but some products are on annual cycle for updates. The “Latest News” part of my website lays out general time lines for updates but stuff can shift (for factors like multiple iterations of firmware in short spans of time as example).
Hi everyone:

Happy news. New Cygnus X3 Axe-Fx III firmware is out today (fw 25 pb3) from Fractal Audio. Sounds GREAT!

You can read more about it here.

The good news is, as the above link from Cliff states, this firmware 25 public beta 3 will automatically update key amp model parameters -- but installing this version of Cygnus X3 (unlike the prior one) does not require an amp reset! YAY!

So, installing this will NOT reset any of the amp parameters I custom set (like amp boost, saturation value, input EQ, Graphic EQ, Speaker Comp, dynamics and out comp) made for the TonePack.

That is not to say that Cygnus X3 won't change the existing tone for your Cygnus X2 +PlusPack, or maybe alter the output level slightly. It could.

Yes, I will do an update to Cygnus X3 (but not for quite awhile). But so far, most adjustments or level changes I'll make should be minor and you can make any tweaks yourself for your key presets here.

As always, back up everything -- all your banks -- with FractalBot before you load any new firmware, so you can always revert back.

Okay FM3 lovers -- just wanted you to know I am now officially ON IT and for next couple of weeks working to get a +PlusPack version available for the FM3 that works on the latest firmware, as well as update the FM9 and Axe-FX III to Cygnus X3 as well... and I'll add the new Vox Brilliance amp model in there too!

Getting good feedback from customers that the Jan.-Feb. CX2 version +PlusPack presets work fine under CX3 in most cases (in case ya wanna try) -- so I decided to go ahead and put up a CX2 made - but CX3 firmware saved -- FM3 version in the website store for the FM3 NOW, while I work to update all three units to a +PlusPack CX3 firmware version over the next two weeks.

So for FM3 folks especially -- you can start checking the the +PlusPack out now, and be assured that you, as well as your FM9 and Axe-Fx III brethren -- will get a fresh and free +PlusPack update for the latest CX3 firmware in a few weeks.

I'll also keep the +PlusPack on sale until close of business May 31st at $59, but then it will go to normal price of $79 rest of 2024.
I"m really close to finalizing an April Update for +PlusPack. NOT YET. But should be by weekend.

What's holding me up from uploading a zip download is having to re-do all the optional layouts for Axe-Fx III (FC-12), FM9 (standalone), and FM3 (stand alone or OMG9). Making progress there, just gonna need a few more days. Should be available by Friday/weekend - will post here when it is. I did find that most of the +PlusPack "Cleans' amps saved on fw 24.01 (III) sound fine "as is" on fw 25.01....but I did play more with the Dumbles and a few others. Some of the new amps had to be re-leveled though. And I did add a Cleans Vox Brilliance as well as a LveGold Vox Brilliance and Naked Amps Vox Brilliance (for FM9/III). So something to look forward to soon!

Then I'll be on to LiveGold Banks 2 and 3 and 200+ Bass...
I went through the Marshalls and some others that you updated for the new firmware - very nice! Although, you made me play guitar for 2.5 hours when I really had stuff to do!! :)
Okay everyone. The +PlusPack is updated for MAY 2024 to Cygnus X3 firmware. Also update my layout files and global files too.

The May 2024 +PlusPack presets were all saved tested on:

AX3 - firmware 25.01
FM9 - firmware 7

If you haven't bought it yet, you can still buy the 2024 +PlusPack for the SALES price of $59 up until May 31.

In June it will reset to the normal price of $79 the rest of the year (well, maybe a holiday sale end of year...).

Let me know if you have questions or find any bugs -- should be good to go.

For FM3 users, I could not make the same kind of FC6 (OMG9) for FM3 layouts that exisit for the FM9 or the Axe-FX III+FC12.

So, made an FM3-only layout, and included an AMP CONTROLLER LAYOUT PAGE you can use for the CS2 to CS6 amp-related switches.
I'm considering this pack, because I like the idea of starting with a new set of clean presets. Do these presets have any scenes that are meant for soloing, with overdrive, either pedal or amp? If not, what is the recommended approach for using these presets?
I'm considering this pack, because I like the idea of starting with a new set of clean presets. Do these presets have any scenes that are meant for soloing, with overdrive, either pedal or amp? If not, what is the recommended approach for using these presets?
HI @Kelleys Heroes -- the presets in Bank 1 are designed for single coil coil guitars. One each for a Strat or a Tele is mid-focused (good for solos or arpeggios), the other is flatter - more for rhythm. These Bank 1 presets are excellent PEDAL platforms so the drive blocks work well with them, just a like a loud clean an amp you put a pedal in front of. The Hiwatt for example really shines as a pedal platform.

But you get to choose your own drive pedals for it from the available choices.

Others on this thread may chime in with how they are using them. Bank 2 presets are the new amps and those do have drive blocks. Hope that helps! - AB
Hey ya'll!

If you guys haven't been checking them out, I'm doing a series YouTube videos called "That AustinBuddy TonePack Show" with different players trying out presets from my different TonePacks.

It's been a lot of fun! I drop lots of tips and tricks on how I make presets in the episodes as well.

We've had some no-Fractal users check them out like Dave Scher (Episode 1) and Luke Cutchen (Episode 2), as well as forum users like @Cainer Gary Cain (Episode 3) and (coming later this May - Episode 4!) Lance Keltner.

You can find the videos on my AustinBuddy YouTube channel or in this Fractal Forum thread under Recordings here.

Also a reminder -- the 2024 +PlusPack sale ends this month, and the $59 special introductory price will go up to $79 in June. FM3 users, now is the time to get yours!
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Just a quick reminder that June 1st the +PlusPack 2024 introductory sale price of $59 will end and the normal price of $79 will commence. The FM3 users who don’t have it should act now.

Also existing users can check their download accounts on my website — there is a May 2024 update to Cygnus X3 for all three hardware versions waiting for you if you haven’t grab that yet.

Hope you guys have a great Memorial Day weekend!
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