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New Dream Theater Single and Interview


wow! i honestly have not listened to the recent DT unfortunately. i feel they've moved in a completely different direction and not what i want to hear from them. lack of riffs i feel and more like long chord passages, almost like movie themes instead of prog rock. eh, something like that. it just hasn't interested me.

but this song sounds great and reminds me of older DT a bit.


Agree with Chris 100%. This is reminiscent of "Scenes From a Memory" to me, which was also a concept album. I have not liked DT since Portnoy left. Nothing against MM, but I felt like part of the song writting/production magic left with MP. He played a larger role than just being an amazing drummer. He helped define the direction and the sound.
This song... well, I could get into this. This is Dream Theater to me.


Agreed. Not a huge fan of the beginning sections, but there are elements of all my favorite eras in there... a little Awake, a little SFAM. Really excited for this even if the sci-fi thing turns out to be really cheesey. Who listens to the lyrics anyway???


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The new album is an ambitious project, and yes I agree with Chris that they're moving (with their latest albums) in a different direction.
By the way I am curious to see them live performing that rock opera.


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I really liked A Dramatic Turn of Events and I think it's their best effort since Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence album. Not a big fan of their self titled record and find it mediocre. But the new single sounds very nice to me. The guitar solo is just perfect. Classic Petrucci right there.


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This is refreshing and pretty much agree with all comments above.
Like the mix can hear what John Myung is playing, JP's guitar sounds great and not stepping on the bass like it does allot. Or at least for me.


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I'm a huge DT fan but haven't bought any of their albums since systematic chaos; they really went downhill after that.

I think I'll be getting this one :)
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