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Needed something to do till golf season

Discussion in 'Axe-Fx III Reviews' started by gtrjunkie, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. gtrjunkie

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    Oct 7, 2009
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    What can I say, I’m blown away by the III. The new user interface, the sound, effects, just incredible. I hopped on the Fractal train with probably one of the first batches of Axe II Mark 2, sold it after a couple years to upgrade to an XL+. After a couple years with the XL+ I was looking to just go with a floorboard set-up. After considering AX8, Ampifire, Helix, in April ’17 I ended up with a Helix and a Variax JTV. Had a JTV once before and enjoyed it. The Helix was ok I thought but will take a little getting used to. About a month after getting the Helix and JTV I got HOOKED on golf. God I must be getting old lol. Golf forums took the place of guitar forums. Club and accessory purchases took the place of any kind of guitar related purchases. My first few months of being hooked I probably spent the price of an AXE III on golf equipment not to mention the greens fees at least a couple times a week. Last winter, I’d go to one of the local indoor golf places. If it was over 40 deg. on a weekend and a course was open I was out there.
    I decided golf on cold muddy courses or indoor simulators ain’t gonna cut it this winter. I need something to keep my mind off golf till more seasonable weather. Playing my guitar more was the answer and I came to the conclusion I just don’t like the Helix. Granted I didn’t spend much time with it. I didn’t like a floor unit like I thought I would. I didn’t like the sound. If I’d get a good tone for one song, I’d try it with another song that it should also sound good with but it wouldn’t. Very strange. I didn’t like the editor. Why, when I’d pick a reverb or delay, all but one or two options would be greyed out? I missed Axe Edit. I’m sure the Helix is a fine unit and I just didn’t spend enough time learning it but it just wasn’t for me. I started catching up on how things were going with the III as I haven’t read the forums or kept up to date much on it.
    Black Friday I bought a new Suhr Standard ,(one of the new non-custom ones like the old S1’s), from a local shop and ordered an Ax-FX III a few days later. What a great guitar! I love it, very versatile. I also have a Suhr HSH Custom Standard, R9, Carvin and the Variax.
    Having the III delivered and unboxing at work, I knew it was a 3U but was pleasantly surprised to see its shorter than the II. Plugged it in just to see it all lit up, very cool! Getting it home and mounting it in my old home for the II, a 4U road case with a Carvin power conditioner, I realized I don’t need a long case anymore and could get something shorter. Hooked everything up and downloaded Axe Edit. Plugged in my guitar, started playing around with buttons and the screen starts flashing crazily. Didn’t do this at work when I was checking it out. Initial reaction is oh no, it’s defective and will need to go back. First thing I do to maybe track down the problem is unplug the USB. No more screen flashing. Find another USB cable and all is good YAY! Next thing I discover is my firmware is from middle of Oct., about 1 1/2 months old. Knowing Axe-FX’s are shipped with latest firmware this was a slight concern. In the Fractal sale rush was I accidentally sent a rejected unit? After emailing support with my concern they apologized for the older firmware and assured me it was NOT a defective unit. Just a good unit that accidentally ended up on the updated shelf.
    After updating, I sat down with my new Suhr, put on my headphones and start going through some presets. I can’t believe how good these factory presets/scenes sound! And scene names now too! The II’s presets were ok for starting points for tweaking and to tell the truth I don’t remember if there were scenes on the factory presets. But now we have great sounding presets with factory amps and the labeled scenes with different flavors of those factory amps. I can spend hours on any one factory preset just using scenes, the guitar volume knob and pickup switch. I just play at home, with the II I mostly downloaded presets I like from the forum, axe exchange or purchase some then tweak to taste. I’m not much of a preset builder. Just a guy who been playing for 35+ yrs and for the first time ever have been blown away by something “out of the box”. The II wasn’t even capable of that.
    I have a Mission Gemini 212 and looked into getting the Mission matching short head case. They seemed to be backordered everywhere online. I ended up buying a head case from casesmithcustoms on eBay. Great quality and $100 less than the Mission. Looks perfect on top the Gemini with the III and Carvin power conditioner in it.
    Now back to my other obsession, golf. Cliff how about Fractal Audio collared shirts (not black, too hot) and koozies for the golf course!:)
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  2. Project Mayhem

    Project Mayhem
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    Jan 27, 2012
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    Golf is unique challenge and can quickly become an addiction. I turned my drummer and bass player on to golf at the beginning of this season and now they are both hooked. The ultimate even playing field...anyone can become a very good to great golfer, once they understand the physics vs. the optical illusion that it is...no physical advantage required. And like Guitars, gear acquisition has no end once you've hit some of the finer offerings (original Hogan Blades, Miuras, Mizuno's, etc...). I wish there was a "Fractal" equivalent for clubs, but that would defy physics.

    +1 on collared shirts.

    edit: sorry for the Golf content in the review section
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