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NBD - Ibanez BTB745


I’m absolutely a guitar player but this is my first entry into bass, so pretty stoked about this Ibanez BTB I picked up. Now I need to learn how to play the darn thing!

I’m going to have to lurk and learn some of this Axe FX bass knowledge and I’ve got a ton of practice ahead of me.



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Awesome! Every BTB I've played has been great! Enjoy!

And make sure you check out Dr. Bonkers thread he made a couple weeks back about using some guitar amps for bass. The Triple Crest is KILLER paired with an 8x10 cab!


Ha thanks! I had been planning on getting a bass eventually for my future studio but it was Dr Bonkers thread that helped direct my G.A.S. I’ve got this great tone tool, I just need to have something to plug into it.

Will definitely check it out for real now


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Grats! I just bought a 4 string and I'm having a blast with it. I thought about picking up a 5, but then I realized a 4 string was 20% fewer notes to learn.


Looks great! I have a beat up SR505 that I bought to learn on, and it plays great. All the btb basses I've played have been amazing. It's either one of these or a Spector for me when I upgrade.
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