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My short review of the FM3 + FC6

GK Breivik

New Member

This is by no means a deep dive, but I thought I’d post some of my thoughts and some suggestions after a few months of use.
To understand my perspective: I’m a bass player, doing theatre pit, working with a few artists and bands, and record and mix music for a living.

The FM3 + FC6 allows me to bring studio level control and sound quality to my live work, fulfilling a life long wish in that respect. It has also replaced my big analog/ digital hybrid of a pedal board. I have to say that the lack of patch cable trouble is very good for my blood pressure, as well.

The unit is well thought out, the basic DI sound straight through is great, as are the effects. Wonderful compression with all the control I need, and the amp modeling (albeit with few bass models) sounds fantastic to me.

My suggestions would be these: (If some of these are available already, please enlighten me!)

1.) The obvious one. Please consider adding more specific bass models. The SVT, Portaflex and the HiWatt et al. are great, but we bass players really love our solid state or hybrid heads. I’d suggest the GK 800RB, Some sort of A.M.P. lineage amp. Probably the Eden WT800. (I own a Thunderfunk 750 which is the perfect iteration of that type of amplifier, but it’s a bit rare.) Also an Aguilar DB750. Wonderful amp.

2.) A slower, more studio-like meter on the compressor gain reduction. The current one is hard to read with it’s fast ballistics.

3.) An alternate type of parametric EQ in the PEQ block. I’d love for all the bands to go from 20-20k. A fifth band would be great too.

4.) The ability to have the comp GR meter show in the global performance page. Along the bottom, perhaps.

5.) The ability to exit the tuner by pressing the scene or FX footswithces in the OMG9 layout. It slows me down having to press the preset button first, then the scene.

Other than this, I’m a happy camper. The unit sounds great and I even record through it sometimes even though I have great preamps and compressors available too. Wonderful piece of kit!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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