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My Mission SP-1 doesn't want to work


Shoot. It's late. I'm tired. And now I'm getting pissed.

I just got my Mission SP-1 a couple of hours ago. I connected the pedal
to the pedal port of the AXE. I went to the I/O pedal page and calibrated the pedal.
Then I went to the control page and changed the Ext 1 parameter from "16" to "pedal."
Then I pressed Layout , selected the Wah, pressed EDIt, selected Control, pressed ENTER,
and changed SOURCE to EXT 1.

Then I tested the pedal to see if the ball at the bottom of the graph would move. It didn't.
I repeated this routine several times, all with the same unsuccessful result. I've changed
cables. One thing I haven't done is test the expression pedal on something other than the AXE FX.
I can do that if I have to I don't want to because it would involve going to the local pawn/music store
and asking the nice manager if he would be so kind. I don't want to do that.

I'll probably browse the search engine here tomorrow and see if I can find any useful info, but for now
I would just like to ask if anybody might think of something I haven't done that I need to do to get this pedal
working. Thanks for any help.


Regular, cheap (as in $8.98/20') guitar cables. Do I need special cables? I took note of something
about cable connections and Mission pedal compatibility last night while fooling with the unit.
Should I get Humbusters? Thanks for the input, Chris.


Thanks, buddies. That's what I think I read somewhere, but not knowing the difference between a guitar cable
and a TRS one, I figured one's as good as another. Wrong, I guess. I'll look up some TRS cables, then. Adieu.

Any particular brand you would recommend?

(3 hours later) Just happened to glance at SP-1 User Pamphlet. There it is in gleaming black and white under CONNECTIONS:
"Connect Out 1 to the expression pedal input on your device using a 1/4" TRS-TRS instrument cable such as the Misssion MCTRS3A cable."
Will do, boss.

Slowly but surely...

Also read the Humbuster technology section of the manual. I almost feel like I could make my own, but I think I'll give Best-Tronics a call first.
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