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my first actual song with the Axe-II


I've actually gone and done a whole song with the Axe-II

all guitars use the Axe-II
the song is a rough mix
in this recording the vocals are me [unfortunately.. lmao..] - it's just a guide track for the singer to work with [excuses.. lmao]
so this should improve when he's sorted his parts out and sent me the audio files
same with the bass.. I'm waiting for me bassist to send me his playage...

got to say that I'm loving the Axe
and loving everything that 7.0 brings with it


Great sounding mix. No reason to aplogize for those vocals, and certainly not the bass playing.

Get a mix to sound like that - it's a ton of work no?


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Cool groove clarky! As for the singing... not bad at all. Your pitch doesn't wonder off to the corner store for smokes or anything like that.

Oh just to concur... V.7 has brought the exact shit that was needed. The gauntlet has been thrown down with some fury to it. :p
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thanks for taking the time to check out my song guys
that's seriously cool of y'all

and I think it's real cool that you enjoyed it too..

you guys are awesome...
Pre-vocals, I was thinking Dime was back from the grave. (Production made me think of Trendkill.) The rest doesn't fit that riffing for me. (I'm hearing a lot of 80s metal/rock and 90s grunge-rock.)

But overall it sounds fine.
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