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Mission Pedals (SP1-LF)


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So, I have my SP1 and it seems the switch is really sensitive. I'm used to a click of a latching switch, but I can't even feel this switch at all when I go to press it. It's like the weight of the pedal is too much for the switch and it doesn't come back up all the way. Does anybody else have this issue?


Power User
The pedal tension is adjustable. You should have 2 rubber grommets between you and the switch.

Also, if you remain dissatisfied, you CAN change the momentary "light touch" switch over for a latching switch, which has a nice firm click. Contact Mission.


The Liquid Foot requires a momentary switch for proper operation, which is why we fit this in the SP1-LF. You can adjust the height of the switch using the spacers and washers provided with the pedal. Raising the switch will require less pressure, lowering the switch will require more. As Matt mentions, you can also change the switch for a positive click latching switch with the Mission Switch Kit -L if you prefer. This may require that you connect the switch output direct to the Axe-FX as the latching switch in the Liquid Foot is not officially supported. James.
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