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MIDI automation working on one system but not another


New Member
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my odd situation:

I recently bought an Axe FX 2, I set it up with studio one 4 on my home PC so that I can automate preset switching and other things and it works perfectly, absolutely no problems whatsoever. However, I then did the exact same thing on my laptop, I've made sure all the settings are the same, Studio one is set up identical to my PC version and I don't adjust the Axe settings between switching. But, on my laptop, the automation does not work. When you first connect the axe, it will auto switch to whichever scene the automation is set to, but after that 1 switch, it will not react with the automation again. I've checked the midi sends and studio one is sending midi out to the axe, but it's not responding to it. But, plug it back into my home PC and, boom, perfect automation again.

I will also add that I'm using the same, latest version of studio one 4 and the latest drivers for the axe fx 2. Both systems are running windows 10. The setup on both systems is pretty much identical.

This is really bugging me, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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