MFC101 mark iii and Axe FX Ultra MIDI-THRU?

Discussion in 'MFC Discussion' started by Glenn Burke, May 23, 2017.

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    Hi all,

    I'm a complete newbie to the forum so please forgive me if this has been answered before.

    I've owned an Ultra for some years and up to this have used a Line6 FBV with a POD via MIDI-IN on the Ultra to control the Ultra. I also use a Roland GR20 which is connected via the MIDI-THRU on the Ultra. This allows me to control via the FBV / POD moving up and down a patch on both the Ultra and GR20 at the same time. I believe it works this way because the midi signal coming from the POD is passing through the Ultra and not because the Ultra is sending out a midi message itself.

    I want to buy the MFC101 mark 3 to replace the Line6 FBV and POD. My intention was to use the 7pin midi cable to power the MFC101 via the phantom power feature on the Ultra. My question is does anybody know if the MFC101 mark 3 hooked up to the Ultra like this will result in messages coming out on MIDI-THRU in the same way?

    Looking at the MFC101 mark 3 manual, page 11 figure 2-7 shows the set up I was hoping to have and says "MIDI THRU passes extra MFC-101 commands to downstream devices"....

    Guess I'd like to know if someone else has tried this set up and knows if it changes patches on the downstream device when a patch is changed on the Ultra via the MFC.

    Appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.
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    That should work. I use a similar setup with a mesa triaxis preamp switching channels at the same time with the Axe Fx 2 (mark ii). You will have to go into the I/O menu and turn on the midi thru setting. (not 100% sure how it is on the ultra but I had to do this on the 2)

    One thing that doesn't work, but I wish it did was using the ethernet cable from mfc into the axe fx then midi thru from the axe fx to my triaxis. It seems like if you're wanting to use midi thru you will need to be using midi in. I really wish the axe fx 2 would just send a signal out to the midi thru port even if I'm not using midi in.

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