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MFC controlling AMP and a few stomp boxes


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I've had an Ultra for 7 years. I've used it FRFR, straight up with IEM's and FOH, and to a guitar amp. Call me crazy, but I prefer it with an amp and a few stomp boxes, using the Axe FX mostly for time based fx's but also some distortion when called for. I'm thinking of rebuilding my rig with an MFC. The 4 external switches on the MFC I could use to control amp channel changes. However, to change stomp box states I'd still need an Effect Gizmo or a Voodo Labs GCX switcher, correct? That is if I need more than 2 stomp boxes because my amp would already take up two external outs. I'm assuming either of these would work but the GCX is much cheaper AND could cover amp channel changes as well and need one less cord between the MFC and amp. Does anyone know if this would work?

Thanks in advance.


You'll need something that can do amp channel switching. The MFC jacks won't do that; they're for connecting additional switches to the MFC.


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I don't think he means using the external switches on the MFC-101 to physically change his amp. I think he means programming the MFC-101 to tell the GCX via midi to switch his amp when he presses an external switch(1-4). As to avoid loosing real estate on the MFC-101.
Or something :p

Yes, I think its possible.
I will check and post back when I know more.


I don't think he means using the external switches on the MFC-101 to physically change his amp.

i think he does mean that. he said "one less cord between mfc and amp."

i don't use any cords between my mfc and amp.


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Actually I DID think those jacks could be used as momentary switches. But it would seemed weird to me if they were. Most people would have the Axe FX in a rack on top the amp which would be a much better place to change channels from. I'll check out the Patchmate, as well as the GCX. THanks!


I've been here. I used the MFC to control and RJM Effects Gizmo, which switched my amp channels for me, and looped the effects too. Nice piece of kit.
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