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MFC 101 cable question.


I have the original 101 and the regular AXEFXII and can't seem to get a 25 foot cable to work with it. I have a bunch of smaller ones that work perfect but ordered from monoprice, Amazon, and got one at fry's and can't get any of the longer ones to work. 1 won't even power it and the other 2 power it but nothing else. I keep buying Cat5 and I think I got a Cat5e at some point any none work. Anyone just shoot me a link to a good company to get a long sturdy cable for my version 1 mfc and axefx2 that seems to work?


Make sure you are getting regular Ethernet cables and not crossover cables. Those have a different wiring pin-out. Crossover cables are usually marked as such, but not always. To check, hold both plug ends of a cable side by side with the clips pointed away from you and compare the 8 colored wires in each end. On a regular straight through cable, the sequence of wire colors will be the same on both ends. On a crossover cable, the two ends will be wired differently so the color sequence will not match.

Also, if your Ethernet cables have a protective sheathing around the RJ45 plug base, make sure it is not keeping you from pushing the plug all the way into the jack to make a good connection. That can be an annoying issue on some Ethernet cables. Sometimes you can wiggle the sheath part back a bit, other times you have to trim the end of it a little. All the Cisco VOIP phones we use at work have deep set RJ45 jacks on them and I have to trim those types of cables sometimes. It's the protective part around the back of the plug like this:

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