Matrix Redemption


So I've been feeling guilty about the original Axe/Triaxis/Matrix/2:90 shootout I did a while back:

in which I left everything the same, except changed out different pieces of equipment to do an apples-to-apples comparison. Axe vs. Triaxis, 2:90 vs. Matrix GT1000FX.

Anyway the Matrix recording came out sounding like poop on both the Triaxis and Axe versions, which I felt bad about, but I knew if I went back and did a little EQ tweaking, I could get it sounding good.

So, I posted a Axe vs. Triaxis shootout earlier today, and decided to go back and tweak the Matrix to see how close I could get to the other Axe/2:90 tone:

Matrix redeemed...

BTW, the Triaxis/2:90 is first, the Axe/2:90 is second, the Axe/Matrix is last.
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The first one seems to have some high end that the second/third clips don't have. All 3 sound great though
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