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Marshall Series 9000?


Hey guys,

New Axe II owner here! Ben looking at a possible power amp to complete a live rig set up, basically want to run the Axe II into my Matamp 2x12 (2 x G12K-100) using a power amp, looked at the matrix solutions which seem great but the Axe purchase has cleared me out! Anyway, saw one of these on the bay for reasonable money and fairly local and was wondering if there was any experiences out there for these? Apparently the guy used it with a Mesa pre-amp of some description.



Power User
I'd say in that price range you can probably find a Mosvalve unit... i bed it will sound a little better, work a little better, and be more reliable

but you got to look at the big picture

you can't buy a house but have no furniture to put in it...

if you have a head you might want to use that as a power amp first then step up to another solution

But I'd pick a mosvalve over any lower end marshall esp the 9000 series... i'm not even a fan of the $1000 ones either


Fractal Fanatic
It will be big and heavy, but will sound great.

I have a Marshall 100/100 dual monobloc in my basement....it's a beast of a power amp, but sounds just bad ass with the Axe.


New Member
I used the marshall 9000 and didn't like it. I've moved on to the matrix gt800 it's lighter, louder, and allows cab sims to be used
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