Marshall Jcm 800 2203 ZW (Zakk Wylde) Signature Head?


So I've been scouring the net for some info about this amp. I remember playing one and blew me away how great it sounded right off the bat. I don't think they made many of them (1000?) but I am trying to dial in the tone of this head into the axe by using the JCM800 model. I can get a little closer with the JCM800 Mod, but it seems to lose that Marshall top end that I do feel the real amp has like the JCM800 model in the Axe. From what I've found, the Zakk Wylde model claims to just have the 6550 tubes in it, which seems to do absolutely nothing to the sound in the Axe. Any suggestions? Or anyone attempt this amp also?

It really is such a great amp! I think a lot of people associate it with just a BLS tone, but this amp is such a great modded marshall sound. Thanks!
The guitars are being made by World Guitar in Korea. I'm not sure where the amps are being made. If I had to guess I'd say China. If his amps end up being jcm-800 clones I can't imagine Marshall being amused.
From what I'm told his guitars are made by Schecter, amps are thru Marshall, even though they both with have "Wylde Audio" on them.
The JCM800 ZW is fitted w/ 6550s rather than EL34s IIRC. So going to the power section and changing tube type would be a good move. I think Cliff has mentioned that changing power tube type on the AFX parameters is slightly different than swapping tubes on an amp IRL because you have to adjust bias, etc as well, but it's a start.
Hasn't this guy whored out his name enough by now? I get this "cry wolf" feeling whenever I hear about him pushing kit.
lqd, that's my point exactly. Good for him & his bank account, but what good is his word to those of us who aren't fanboiz? Why should I care what his latest sig [whatever] is when over half of the junk with his name or stupid bullseye on it sounds like crap?
There was a thread a while back when the power tube selection thing came out that had some values to modify when changing the tube types. Do a search for that and you might find something useful in there to tweak it. Don't forget to throw a super-od in front. I believe his Dunlop/MXR signature OD was originally based on that circuit although some versions had a small internal switch that let you switch between that and a Tubescreamer circuit.
I was a huge fan of his and to me his best work was during the Pride and Glory days. Good songs, a bit over the top on the leads, but they had some melody to them for the most part. But his voice was fantastic in my opinion and I thought that genre of heavy modern southern influenced rock was really going to be something that he could do for a long time. Then BLS came along and as much as it pains me to admit it because I think that he's just a fun guy who loves to play's not listenable. And I tried.

As for the recent line of gear; I hope nothing but the best for his success. I know that some people will give him a hard time for putting his name on a bunch of different gear over the years, but this is a bit different because it is his own product line and not just some guitar or amp with a paint job and his name on it.
I lost interest in zakk wylde right after he left Ozzy. The Bullseye Paul was cool for a minute or two haven't got a clue as to what came after.
Tough crowd here :)

I think Zakk is a hellacious guitar player. I love his work. Loved and rocked to his stuff with Ozzy.

IIRC he likes EV speakers in his 4x12 cabs. So I'm guessing the 6550's + EV's are a big part of the tone.

If you can't respect Zakk's talent, I'm not sure who out there is "good enough"?
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