Marshall Jcm 800 2203 ZW (Zakk Wylde) Signature Head?

He can't sweep pick for nothing though haha. He does all this fast wankery but it sounds the same because he can't do nothing but tremolo picking which is cool but not the whole damn time LOL

So my observation of Zakk is when he was younger and doing this crap it was fresh and he was ruling, but he never EVER improved. He does the same things since then and that is his issue. I've seen others like Glenn Tipton improve their technique over the years. That is what Zakk needed, if he had done that, a lot more of us would be impressed. Maybe it's because of guitarist like myself feel that the day I stop trying to improve and learn new Techniques is the day I stop playing. Who knows but yeah he's nothing special IMHO.
I am not defending or supporting either opinion here; and I am certainly not egging anyone on for an argument but here are my thoughts.

I think Zakk has done some very good work over the years, his playing certainly seems to have stalled though in the last few to my ears anyway. Let's be honest though he has definitely influenced many a player.

The questions that should be asked are:
How many songs of yours has he heard?
How many of his have you heard ?
Someone is obviously doing something right, and no one consistently creates great work. But some of us keep creating work.

That's my piece to this discussion. Please I don't mean to offend anyone , so don't take it that way.

I would rather be subjected to listening to that video than some dimwit who decides they want to be a singer and throw themselves at the X factor or some other complete shite.
I was able to get a tone close to his through a modded jcm800 and a SansAmp pre, with a DOD chorus pedal... It really wasn't that hard I guess... His sound and style has outgrown its use for me personally but those wicked fast penta runs absolutely scream. And I can't think of a more identifiable vibrato than ZW. That being said, I wish him luck as he coasts through middle age cashing checks from manufacturers.
Also I had the pleasure of watching him record here in Seattle at London Bridge Studios. I asked if I could play his banjo and he said Go Ahead! It was tuned like a guitar... I wanted to puke a little.

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