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Marsha "in a room" recording


I made this only because some tube purist wanted to hear if I could replicate a basic, unprocessed amp tone. I understood from the conversation that this guy is talking about the sound you get sitting next to an amp, and not the mic'd sound of an amp. So I get to work :) Hope you like it!



Scott Peterson said:
Really good - though I honestly prefer the 'dry' version; your room sounds boomy to me.

Great tone, btw!!
Thanks, man! Yeah my room is an acoustic catastrophy, I'm getting flutter echo just from typing this :lol:


Cheers guys :) Some of you make awesome tones, so it's great to know you like my stuff :)

danny said:
great! can you share the preset?
It's butt-simple actually, Marsha BE with Boost on and a slight raise on the mid and treb knobs, with some extra master. That goes into the 4x12 JM2000 cab with R121, and that's it.
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