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Mac OS X - Video and DAW Playback Stops When Axe-FX III is On


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This issue has been occurring randomly for many years - even when using my Axe-FX II. Sometimes I can go weeks or months without having this occur and sometimes it happens daily.

Sometimes the video will play but no sound & sometimes the video doesn't play.

If I turn the Axe-FX off, it starts playing.

If I go into "Audio MIDI Setup" and uncheck "AXE-FX" as an audio device in my aggregate device, playback/sound will continue.

Likewise, if I have my DAW (Reaper) running, the same thing happens. My transport will show it is in play mode but no movement and no sound.

Usually, restarting my computer will fix this for a while.

I don't think it's directly caused by the Axe-FX.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Scented Meat

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I’ve experienced the same problem repeatedly, and described it elsewhere in this forum. Unfortunately my solution is similar to yours: power cycle both devices (MacBook and Axe-FX), which usually, but temporarily, “fixes” it. Unplugging the USB cable permits playback to resume on the laptop, but re-plugging the USB cable restores the problem, so it’s no solution.

My original post (#7 in thread):


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It's a strange issue for sure. I hope someone gets it sorted out. I think it's likely on Apple's side of the fence.
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