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Wish Load Audio Files Via USB (like TC Ditto+)


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The new TC Electronic Ditto+ gives the user the ability to import or export loops and backing tracks via USB. I think this would be a killer feature to add to the FM3 Looper Block. This functionality would make the FM3 not only an amazing practice tool, but even more versatile for solo performances. Of course this would be dependent on available resources available on the FM3, but I guess there’s always the possibility of using a USB stick as the storage.
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True. I would so much like that feature. I used it often with my Headrush where I could eg. record all riffs for all songs we play and then sit in the sofa and tune all presets/scenes without my guitar eg. Or load backing track and play to etc.
(Btw, I manage, as a temporary solution, take what was recorded in my headrush. Put it on dropbox and then play it from my iPhone through a headphones adapter into in1)
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