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[LiveReadySound] Crafted IR Experiment


Hi All,

We continue to evolve our approach to IRs and always seek user experience to help spark the next step of development.

We are not concerned with making perfect reproductions of a speaker, rather we like to create an experience. No tone is right or wrong we just like to create something to expand on tone.

I would like to create an IR with you guys if there is interest.

The new IR will be added to our newest release the BE EL34 Experience but also shared with those that participate in this thread, we will need agreement that the IR not be shared with others and you give feedback and/or post an audio clip here to demonstrate your results.

To get started let me know a tone you love. Band, amp, speaker and even the microphones used on the album. I will take all responses into consideration when picking the method/equipment to use to make the IR.

All the Best,

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