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Late night homage to the Pink Floyd exhibition!

I visited the PF exhibition in the V&A museum on Friday and was so blown away by how good a job they did that I thought I'd give Shine On a go on the Axe FX, see if I could replicate the hold stuff that Gilmour does on the 'In Concert' DVD - using a Mission EP-1.

Please excuse the playing and repetition, I've not quite got the hang of the timings etc, was only my second practice go, but thought it was tidy enough to give you guys a good feel for what I'm listening to when I play the Axe FX. I'm always rambling about how great I think it is, so I'm going to put it out there for you guys to judge.

I run the Axe FX out into two 10" FRFR Yamaha speakers and the stereo spread is sublime, really surrounds you. Then it's just a USB into the PC running Audacity (no production or editing at all - so excuse that) to record it in one take.

I recorded it with my newly acquired Suhr Classic Pro...thanks to the advice from you guys here on the forum. GAS has gone for pedals and amps...so I've managed to focus it on guitars instead! Beautiful things!

Anyway, enjoy...

And the guitar (for the fun of it!)



Nice PF feel there. Those 4 notes in what I have heard called the "mournful riff" always give me chills.

Beautiful guitar too; love that color.
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