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John Petrucci Gear Livestream WED 7PM PT!

Cooper Carter

Fractal Fanatic

Tune in to a very special gear talk and hang, streaming Wednesday 5/13 @7pm PST at: www.facebook.com/DougDoppler and www.youtube.com/DougDoppler.

I'll be joining an amazing group of guys---each representing a different element of John Petrucci's legendary sonic world---for an extended deep dive into JP's rig, music, and approach to gear. It's sure to be a good time!

Tune in!!

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Oh man this is very cool! Will this be re-uploaded to another platform (ex: youtube) for "offline" viewing?


My old friend and former teacher Doug Doppler!

In the last few weeks he's had Satch (his teacher!) and then Vai on. Good stuff!

Was excited to see your name on there earlier Cooper.

Small bit of trivia: Doug took over Joe's studio and students when Joe got too busy to teach. I didn't know until years later that the place I went to my lessons was Second Hand Guitar.


Fractal Fanatic
Well - That's in the middle of the night here in Europe, but I look forward to the re-live experience

Dave Merrill

Fractal Fanatic
Doug is just running a little late. Up momentarily, I'm hearing.
Cool. I'd expect a teaser pic or promotional something, probably yesterday or before, nevermind after it was supposed to start.

Gotta work tomorrow, East Coast, I'll try to catch up with it on YT when/if it gets there.


I'm looking for it too... not seeing anything on YT.
edit: Thanks Cooper! Have been enjoying the conversation.
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Chad Beattie



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