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Jet City - Surprisingly good amps


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A friend of mine very recently opened a local guitar shop and he mentioned that he got a Splawn 1/2 stack in. I went in yesterday with my guitar to try this thing out in person, but alas he had sold it (I should've called ahead). He talked me into plugging into a 100w Jet City 333 1/2 stack which prices at about $1100 for both the head and the 4x12 cab.

The crunch channel on it was actually amazing. Pumping out classic and 90's rock was sheer delight. Bring down the gain a bit and it's great for Little Wing style stuff. Back it off further and it's pristine cleans. I think I'm going to pick up a little 20w combo, which is only that crunch channel for $350 as a practice amp. I'm sick of taking my axe up and down stairs 4 times a week.

Anybody else experienced these amps? Basically, it's Soldano circuitry assembled in China.


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If I could get the 20watt one with an effects loop and power section, id jump at it. For rock they just are really nice sounding.


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Saw them around, never really thought about trying 'em out. Now I am savoring every YouTube vid I can find! :lol

These things sound great! :) Vintage, but with a ballsy modern feel. Of course YouTube vids will not do anything justice, but I will give them a test run and see

Edit - was just taking in some more vid clips and found out they use el84s - my favorite kind of tube - no wonder the attraction hahaha
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