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Jessie's Girl - Axe Fx JCM800 Model

Joseph Hanna

New Member
Jeez great sound...nailed it.

I'm a big fan of Rick's dating back to the good old days of him playing all over Hollywood. I believe that was Neil Geraldo's track on Jessie's Girl in his pre-Mesa days.

Rick also had a killer guitar player (who's name escapes me) who use to play a funky Gretsch that I seem to recall had effects built into the guitar itself. Either way he was a ripping player.

Good stuff..thanks!


Nice tone. Also, good to hear your vox on clips. (Your voice is closer to Springfield's than Michael Jacksons. ;) )


Power User
Great tones Tubehead! Is this a mic'd cab or direct? If direct which cab/mic combo are you using?


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