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It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage


I have been doing some research on going the RJM route . If Fractals Control Switches had midi implantation via RJM I would jump ship. Since I use those a lot I'm settling for the FC route . I've had many midi controllers over the years and the FC's are a beautiful solution , hope the future unveils alternate options as my eyes are not improving with age... :cool:
I totally get that. You’re doing what works best for what you do, and that’s always the best choice!

Every pedal, even one as incredible as the Mastermind GT, has limitations. I’m a huge FAS advocate, having purchased and used every modeler they‘ve made from the Ultra to the III except the FX8. I haven’t done the MK II version of the III, or the FM3… at least not yet. I’ve used three different FAS foot controllers, including the FC12. I believe in this company and what they offer. But even for a dyed-in-the-wool Fractalite like me, their stuff isn’t always the answer. I’m just advocating you go with the option that brings you the least “it doesn’t do what I need it to do“ frustrations. You’re already onto that without my help!

That's fair, but FAS is very responsive to their customers and workable solutions to the problem have been proposed.

I'm not going to make any assumptions, but I hold out the hope that eventually....as with the addition of large font options to the AX8....FAS will do something to help.
I’ve no intention of bashing FAS. It’d be undeserved, for a start, and as I noted above, I’ve been on board with them to the tune of a 5-figure total in the last decade. They are an incredibly responsive company. I hope they can incorporate some of the suggestions mentioned and believe that if it can reasonably be done no company out there is more likely to do it. My only point is that there are options and if what one company (even FAS) offers isn’t working for you, you should consider looking into options that will cause you less delay or frustration, which is a roadblock to music making! Combining a FAS modeler with outboard gear from other companies has been a win for me.


This is likely been suggested, but use all caps in your labels. It helps. Also - I realize FAS may not be able to retrofit a different display, but I imagine they could do somerhing with the font. Can you apply a font with Bold capabilities? Might help a bit.

Just mumbling out loud. I am 6‘ 10” tall - sometimes its like looking at the pedals on the ground from the third story... it would be good to get some feedback on the display FAS. You do such outstanding work everywhere else!


Fractal Fanatic
Inverse colors have still yet to be implemented. It has been talked about by us and Fractal has addressed that they will look into it. Thus far it has received zero attention and I am not sure why??? I get that they have priorities, but most would welcome this.
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