Is there a current FM9-Edit Manual matching?


I'm trying to learn the FM9 from the manual and the Scene Controllers tutorial does not match the FM9-Edit interface required to perform the tutorial.

Problem: FM9 Manual tutorial doesn't appear to match FM9-Edit interface.

Apparently the step (3 - see below) I am having trouble with below was to be updated in the for version 1.00.04 but I'm on 1.01.05. Authentic was to be updated to Tone and it was on the Interface but not the manual. However, I cannot find a Drive knob on that Tone tab. So, unfortunately, I'm kind of lost. Below are the versions I have.

What I have tried: I download multiple versions from the Fractual Audio website and Wiki pages and they are all the same. They also all say Firmware Version 3.x and not 4.0 which is the latest. I have explored the FM9-Edit interface some, but I think it best to wait for some direction.

I know it is hard to keep these things up-to-date doing so to manuals myself and things are easily missed. I can also be wrong and missing something here but I can't seem to correlate any instructions to what I see so far.

I appreciate any advice or help. :)

FM9: v. 4.00
FM9-Edit: 1.01.05
FM9 Manual: v. 3.x - Same on Fractal Downloads and on Fractal Wiki "Official Manual" and under "FM9" page

3. Now let’s create the modifier: Click on the Amp block in the grid and find the Drive parameter on the Authentic
page. Notice the open yellow modifier “ring” beneath the knob? This means the parameter can be controlled
by a modifier.
4. Right-click or Ctrl-Click the Drive knob to show the Edit Modifier screen.

Actual View:

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