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IRs with "studio magic", i.e. big, full, 3D etc?


Over the years I've noticed that most IR's sound boxy and dull when compared to tone matches or professional recordings. It seems no matter how much I blend IR's, phase shift, comb filter, EQ, try different amp settings etc I never get that 3D tone or get rid of that boxy sound without making an unnatural tone.

Right now I'm aiming at this tone:

It sounds kinda like a Cannibal Corpse tone on steroids. It has this really special high end and it sounds huge. As good as no 4x12 IR I've tried has ever possessed this big of a sound. Maybe it's a 15" speaker or an open back combo or something, I don't know.

I know, I could just tone match it, but I want to be able to make tones from scratch that are professional sounding.

Any tips?
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Emulating a mastered guitar track with who knows how many layers is likely going to require mixing a few IRs and some delay tricks, ala Mimic pedal.
I'm no expert and I had to overcome my revulsion at the music and just tried to listen to the guitar tone. There's a lot going on in that tone. I think there's some aural exciter going on in there and it's definitely stereo, multitracked, and thickened up with just a taste of delay. EMG pickups detected, too.

It's going to take more than just the right IR to get that tone.
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