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Invert expression Pedal values


New Member

I built my own expression pedal and thought about the following:

Normally an expression pedal is 0-127 and when I disconnect the Pedal, the MFC101 reads 127. Which is at first no problem, but in combination with the auto-engage feature a disconnected pedal results in an always engaged wah (for example).

So... if I invert the expression pedal electrically to get the values 127-0, a disconnected pedal is 127 which is in inverted state 0.

I tried inverting the values MIN/MAX in XP1 calibration, but they're interlocked. max can't be lower than min.
Is there any other way to achieve this?



If you're trying to just handle the case of what happens when there's no pedal connected, you can set the controller Init Value to be either 0% or 100% on the Axe Fx for whatever External Controllers you are attaching to.
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