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Increment/decrement volume of selected Scene per FC switch


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I am suprised not to found such wish. It would be more usefull than increment/decrement the amp vol. how it is implemented yet. Then we could fast change the volume by an exact value at live situations step by step.
It would be optimized if it would possible to define which output Block (1-4) will be effected at defining the FC switch.


Many (including myself) don't want to adjust scene volume as that increases the level of delay/reverb trails.


I am suprised not to found such wish.


Many (including myself) don't want to adjust scene volume

You don’t have to use it! ;)
It would be great if this could be an additional function and not just replacing amp-channel volume adjust.

I understand the usage of amp-channel volume adjust, but I still would like to adjust the scene-volume, like it was in the Axe-Fx II. It's a different case of application.
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