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I would kill for this clean Hetfield live tone..


We all know that there's chorus and delay and possibly some verb on Jaymz's clean tone, but it sounds like there's something else going on too.. Don't know if there's a light flange or tremolo type thing going on or not..

I remember when they were last here in Australia some 6 years ago and even back then I was blown away by their clean tone.. In an arena it sounded A-fu**ing-mazing!

How the hell does one replicate his unique tone with the AX8?! Does anyone have a patch or does anyone have any settings they'd be willing to share with everyone?



Part of that sound comes from the response of his EMG pickups. They're a bit more crisp and compressed sounding than typical medium to high output passive alnico humbuckers. His main clean tones are supposedly from a Roland JC-120. They are very clean, a bit scooped in the mids, and quite compressed with a bit of added chorus.

There's some Axe II Metallica presets floating around that are pretty good. You could use FracTool to convert them to AX8 presets. Check AxeChange for the ones from Guitarjon. I remember those being quite good with tone matches from the album tones.
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