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I have started WET/DRY and have many question


Hi, F friends,

Just tried a Wet/Dry setup with 2 amps and the Black Star Studio 40 with 4CM
and Fender Deluxe with a humbuster cable from the Right pre out FX8 for Dry.

Now, it works very well but still there are so many question as following,

1. For post effects, setting parallel? or serial?
- I usually use [ chorus, delay, rotary, Trem, PIT, PHA ... ]

2. What do I setting bypass mode for post effects?

3. What do I need setting for I.O

4. Anything else do I missing?

5. Some presets has heavy popping noise when I changing a scene.
- CPU : 70~80 %
- use 2 drive blocks, 3~4 kinds drives and X/Y
- Post effects Mix 100%
- popping noise happens same preset, same scene.
- I use USB for FX8 edit for make a presets only not a stage.

Sorry for my similar questions in this forum.

Have a good day !!!
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