How to tell which files are UltraRes 2 and which aren't?



The title sums it all.
I have several Cab files (.wav, .syx and .ir) that I would like to know HOW to differentiate from their UltraRes 1.0 or normal IR file. Can this be checked on CabLab or in the unit itself?
At present, I don't believe there is a way to identify that in the AxeFX or in CabLab...AFAIK, there is no plan to do that either.
Hi Xavier,

currently , there is nothing to distinguish UR1 than UR2, you can only identify the "normal" res / Ultra res :

from the Unit :

. select the cab-block, you will see the IR name, and under the RES quality

. if it's High it's a "normal" IR


. if it's ULTRA - RES it's Ultra Res

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from Cab-Lab :

. put your wave, IR in cab lab

. if it's an UR you will see an U in a circle to the left of the name of the UR

. if it's an "normal" res there is nothing to the left of the name of the UR

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fyi :

- Standard RES : 20ms / 1000 samples / "

- High RES : 100ms / 4800 samples / "

- Ultra RES1 : 170 ms (200ms?) / 8000 samples / "

- UR2 seems to be close than UR1 (170 ms (200ms?) / 8000 samples / "?)

+ some adds during the .syx conversion process in Cab-Lab if i've well understood ;)


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If you have the Wavs, you can build UR2 yourself using CabLab Lite.

All Ultrares factory cabs have been converted to UR2 in the latest firmwares.
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