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How to correctly use a loop?


New Member
I would like to ask for a little help with my Axe-Fx Ultra - I don't have it for a long time and I did not find this in the documentation. I tried to use the FX loop output with the connection as shown in the picture. I'm trying to use the FX loop as output for my power amp so that I can use the Output 1 for the PA system (or for recording via line). The problem is, with this connection, there is no sound at all. I have both left and right channel output (Output 2/FX loop in the back of the unit) connected and I try to control this with the Output 2 volume knob. Can it be that I am doing something wrong or have I encoutered some technical issue with my Ultra that might require some repair?
Thank you very much for any kind of answer and sorry if it was already answered.


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