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How different are your Live patches vs. your Studio patches?


My studio presets are simple. Amp, cab, whole lotta shunts. Couple of other blocks, but I don't remember off hand. Very few blocks other than amp & cab. I have no external control assignments. Also I'm more lackadaisical about tweaking the volume with the VU.

My live presets look like spaghetti. Multiple signal paths. Often have dual amps to avoid the gap. Blocks everywhere. Various combinations of boost, filter, compressor, PEQ, modulation fx, etc. Expression pedals control multiple things, sometimes simultaneously. More aggressive gate block. All the presets are more or less similar in volume via the VU meters.

Compared to studio, I think my live presets tend to be slightly darker, and with less low end. More mid oriented.


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Will be watching this thread! This is something I've recently been battling because I found my live patches simply do not work when I record direct and listen through headphones. They sound muddy and lost a ton of dynamicness. Currently trying to retweak some of them to use for recording but it's been difficult.


I use the same presets.

Live, I cut some lows and highs at the mixer. I cut the Highs -3 to -5 dB at around 7 KHz and set the 'High-Pass' filter to around 80 Hz. My 'Aux' send is 'Post-EQ', so the low and high cuts are also used in my monitor mix.

If FOH can't/won't give me what I need, and I have to use 'Output 2' to a powered wedge. I use the 'Output 2' 'Global GEQ' to cut some lows and Highs (-12 @ 31Hz, -3 @ 63Hz).....(-2 @ 8KHz, -4 @ 16KHz)

It seamed easier to cut some stuff for live use, than try to add it back for home or recording use?
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ditto. Studio patches are super simple vs. live. I've found that finding the right CAB is the most effective. Change the CAB and you Change everything. So instead of having PEQ, FILTER, GEQ blocks I try and adjust those parameters inside the AMP and CAB block, frees up space in my chain and sounds more natural. I leave the amp at default (my go to is 6160 block for heavy rhythms) find a cab that sounds nice and balanced. I also discovered that the EQ in the cab block (modern tonestack) is way more effective than adjusting AMP lo,mid, hi (although I will adjust these sometimes). If I want more frequencie boosts then the GEQ in the AMP block works just as good as having a GEQ block. I've thought about integrating a footcontroller to control a global EQ block though for sweeping, cuting or boosting frequencies based on venue differences.


For recording, i anticipate the mixing.
Cut at 80hz, and no reverb. I add reverb after.
Sometimes the same for the delay, according to the tempo of the song.


I’ll mirror what’s already been said here, my studio patches are simple, I only put the blocks I absolutely have to. Typically a block for either EQ or Drive to juice and shape the input, a blank space should I decide I need a phaser or octave or something before the amp, then an Amp block, I leave a couple of empty blocks for any modulation or delay I may want then to a cab block and a reverb. Right now I am doing demo work so I like to print my fx.

My live tones tend to have a little more low end, a little more mids and more gain. I also run as little gating in my recording presets.

My typical live set up is pretty straight forward in routing ( I split signal to do the whammy/wah thing) and usually go input/gate-> Whammy/Wah ->Boost-> Phase 90-> Octave->Amp->Chorus->Flange->Delay split 1 side to PEQ and output 2, the other side to a Cab block output 1.


Same situation. Simpler recording patches and less cuts in the cab block. Also I tend to run the gain a little lower in the recording patches.
For studio, any reverb/delay are after the cab as I'm only recording direct. Live patches however have the the reverb and delay pre cab as I sometimes run a pwr amp into guitar cab on stage. I hear a difference.


they used to be pretty different..
but since Q3.00 I've found I can use the same presets live and studio


I usually make studio patches higher in the treble range and lower on the bass and depth and let the actual bass parts cover the low end. I also might cut the mids a little bit. Live, I like to dial more thickness to the tone. I feel like it's easier to fill the room out tonally with guitars than it is to a compressed studio track. In the studio, every instrument has to sit in its own specific frequency. Live, I think you can get away with more of what you prefer feel-wise. I mean you should definitely be respective of the rest of the bands sound, but you can take some liberties, especially when you know the sound man's probably gonna screw your tone up in the PA anyway or the PA is just gonna color your tone beyond your control.


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I plan my studio work based on what the song requires, and in anticipation of the mix. I name them, and save the for use live so the live performance sounds like the recording. I had to tweak a few presets (usually a bass cut on the cab) but try to leave as intact as I can. I WANT the live sound to sound like the recording
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