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How can I switch amp boost on/off with toggle switch connected to MFC101 mark III?


Hi, folks,

I have created a good patch based on the Champ 5F1 model.

I was trying earlier to turn the amp boost switch ON/OFF using a toggle switch connected to the switch 1/2 jack on the MFC 101 mk III but it does not seem to work. Is there no CC for the amp boost function? Surely there is. I have a lot of amps here and most feature a 'boost' foot switchable option, a lot of even basic amps have this. I know the original 5F1 had no boost switch but I see in Axe edit it is a linkable option.

I would be very grateful if someone could outline the process for me. I have right clicked the amp boost function in Axe edit and selected external 1 from the pop up menu but from what I can see I can't link external 1 to a cc for amp boost as it has no cc, am I missing something?

Thanks all :)


Sounds to me like you're on the right track if you've gotten to the right clicking the amp boost function in Axe edit and selected external 1. When you have that "Edit modifier Amp 1 - Boost" window up where you selected external 1. You should see the little ball on the graph move from min to max when you click your toggle switch on and off. If you're not, you might need to configure the switch 1/2 jack on your MFC

To configure that switch w/ your MFC to be external 1, you can:

  1. Press EDIT switch on MFC-101
  2. Press switch 4 (MIDI)
  3. Press switch 7 (page right) 14 times till you get to the XS1 edit
  4. press switch 12 (parameter right) once to move the cursor to the CC assign and set it's value to 16 (16 is the CC associated with external control 1, you can find these on the front of the Axe by pressing I/O and paging over to the CTRL tab, it lists all the current CCs associated with the 12 possible external controllers)

Once that's done and your switch is transmitting on CC 16 you should see that little ball on the graph move from bottom left to top right when you click your switch on and off, and the boost switch should engage and disengage.

Check out Chris's video on hooking up a pedal with some switches to the axe. As always, he almost certainly explains it a lot better than I am ;)

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