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Help With Analog ReAmping Info Please


I am unfortunately unable to make use of the fantastic USB reamping features of the III, due to other bandmates’ preferences regarding 48k, and the need to pass working projects back and forth. So, my intention is to route the input signal out of output 4 to my interface, and reamp by routing the dry signal from the interface back into input 4. I know that with standard guitar amps, a reamp box is required to convert the line level signal back to a Hi-Z for the guitar amp’s input, but since input 4 accepts line level inputs, I assume that this will work fine. A friend of mine is insisting that I need a reamp box and that has me wondering if I’m missing some important detail. Any thoughts or advice would be very welcome. Thanks, all.
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Most DAWs can run at 48k even when all the material is recorded in some other sample rate, and convert in real time. That's the best option if your daw can do it, less quality hit than a run in analog and through whatever boxes surrounded with noisy EMI environment.
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