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Headphones for mixing purposes


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Yes I know loads of threads on headphones but most are geared for playing with Axe Fx. I'm looking for open headphones to compliment my other sound sources to mix my own recordings. I have the Beyerdynamic 880/990 pros on my radar and wonder if anyone has any other recommendations. Price range is going to be $100-$400. I have a pair of Audio technica ATH-M50x which are decent. but closed back and they are hyped in the bass. Looking for open headphones to mix with. cheers


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Second on the HD 650's. Can't count the number of times I rough mixed with the 650's and converted to monitors and didn't have to do anything. All day comfort and durable too.


I can't be happier with my Ollo Audio S4X and I highly recommend them!
Every hedphone is measured and you will receive a printout from the measurement together with your headphone.
And with that printout you are able to eq them absolutely neutral if you want.
Also awesome ist that you can buy every single part from the Headphones as a spare part.



Another +1 for the Sennheiser HD650's. I recently went down the headphone rabbit hole and learned that Sonarworks uses them to tune their plugins.

My personal experience with them so far has been really positive coming from Sony MDR-7506's. I find the 650's sound noticeably more natural and don't fatigue my ears as much during longer sessions. The first track I mixed on them translated really well to my living room stereo, car stereo, and earbuds.

I'm using the Sonarworks Sound ID and Goodhertz Canopener plugins on my DAW's master bus for a flatter and more speaker-like listening experience when mixing on headphones and I dig it.
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