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Hard Rock Song With New Axe FX III (first song I have finished in some years)


So before July of this year I worked some overtime. So of course I decided to treat myself and pick up an Axe FX III. Really enjoying it and it is pushing me to play again. Past couple years have been a musical slump for me and my motivation has been low. So this is the first song I have completed since September of 2017. My mixing skills have also taken a bit of a hit too. I have some brushing up to do. I played everything and sang on this tune. Drums are Superior III (progressive foundry). I triggered them with a Pearl Mimic Pro. Guitars and Bass are all Axe FX III (duh). Heavy guitars are a blend of the 5153 and Herbie models. Leads (not very good ones) are done with the Brit 800. Bass is the SV2 blended with the 5153. Used the Double Verb Normal for the cleans.

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