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Guitar Squeal


I was using my AX8 at gig a couple days ago and had an odd thing happened starting in the 3rd set. Whenever I switched to my neck pickup (or middle position, which also uses the neck pickup) I would get high pitch feedback, like a microphone being pointed at a monitor. Of course the first thought was a microphonic pickup, but it seems strange that it worked fine the first two sets, but I suppose that could just have been the time it decided to go bad. I hadn't changed my guitar monitor level since the first set and the PA monitor in front of me didn't have my guitar in it.

My setup was:
Tele -> AX8 -> XLR to Yamaha DBR10 as a wedge behind me -> XLR through from DBR10 to PA

I've played that setup many times, but it was a new venue for us so it was a different PA (and different person running it). Also, the next day I used the same setup at home (minus the PA) to see if I could reproduce it. I turned the AX8 and DBR10 up much louder than I had it at the gig, switched to my neck pickup and I put my guitar a few inches from the speaker and it was quiet as could be.

I don't know how it could be the AX8 (especially since my bridge pickup continued to work fine), but since that's what I was playing through, I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else has experienced something like this (could it have anything to do with the power, sitting near a PA speaker, etc.?). Thanks for any ideas!
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