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Gospel and R&B


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Anybody you guys playing Gospel and R&B with your Axe? What amp sim and ir's are you using?

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At church I mostly play more straight up Contemporary Christian, but we do play a lot of Israel Houghton and occasionally something leaning toward Brooklyn Tab.

That said, for the more R&B flavored stuff, I love the Tremolo Lux model paired with the 3x10 Vibrato King Mix cab. Throw in the new null mic and add a little proximity... Put a low gained drive pedal in front of it if you need a little grit... Awesome.


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I did a Gospel session back in september in NY and I used only my Fender Twin patch to cover all the songs. Now I have to review it with the new UltrRes IR


I do a bunch of that. I've had great success with the AC30TB, Fender Deluxe, Tremolux, and Twin. A compressor before the amp is also a good help for getting that fat, clean sound.


Thanks for the tip on the Tremolux! I did our first service today with that one and am URes IR with an 808 and a Rat for drive, a cry baby wah, phaser set for nice univibe, and the usual reverb and delay (FOH with CLR as personal monitor). Did some Tye Tribbet (You Are Good), Shana Wilson (Hallelujah), William Murphy (You Reign) and Judith McAllister (High Praise) with a couple of nice praise breaks. Really worked nicely!

Second service is at our other campus where I use a mic'ed Allston Overdrive Combo (local builder - amazing amp!) with a small pedal board. This campus is not setup to take full advantage of the way I like to use my Axe II (stereo, FOH, great sound person) and the amp just feels and sounds right in this setting where I actually let loose quite a bit more.

We are Blessed to be guitarists at this time with such great tools!!!

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Keep the ideas coming. Def some things I will be trying based on everyone's suggestions

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Art B

I play in a soul/funk/r&b band. I play a Strat and like a clean tone that will break up just right when I lay into it, and sit nicely in the mix. I often change my amp model because there are so many great ones to try out.

My current preset du jour uses the "Div/13 FTR 37" (X is LO version / Y is HI version) into the new "OH_112_DLX_FN-42_Studio-Modern."

In the past, I've used "65 BASSGUY," "DIV/13 CJ," "COMET 60," and "DELUXE VERB."
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