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God is on the radio - queens of the stone age - patch?


Could anyone point me in the right direction which amp and cab to use for this rough-sounding rhythm guitar in the song mentioned in the title? Or maybe there is even an appropriate patch out there someone might be willing to share?

Thanks very much in advance - any help is appreciated.


Thank you for the links. I had a look through them but there is so much gear they use - it rather confuses me where to start. Especially since god is on the radio has this unique sound which does not seem to appear in any other song...


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I remember seeing them do a free show at Amoeba records in Los Angeles for the release of Songs for the Deaf in 2002. Troy & Josh both used hollow-body 335-style guitars for this song (not sure if Gibson or Epiphone... link above suggests Epiphone for Josh). Anyway, I know you were asking about amp & cab, but maybe that'll help a little. Good luck!
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