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FX Loop - What have I done wrong???


I don't know how it happened or what I may have done, but the FX Loop block only lets a signal through when its bypassed?
Example for me is patch "OUT1->FOH OUT2->CAB" (which has the FX Loop in between the Reverb and Cab blocks) I cant hear any sound unless I bypass the FX Loop which normally I would be able to hear a signal through Output 1 and Output 2. So when I bypass I only hear a signal through Output 1.
I had updated to Quantum so I rolled back to 19.00 but I still have this problem.
I also just did a system reset.
Any ideas??? Or advice to troubleshoot
Thank you.

Test FX Loop.JPG


Are the Levels turned up in the FXL? Reset the block maybe. Also is Out 2 knob on the front panel turned up?

Can you show a screenshot of the FX Loop settings?


Thx for reply Chris!
Strange thing is when I reset while its in bypass mode it then goes silent again but if I un-bypass then bypass again I can hear a signal.

Test FX Loop2.JPG


Yes Output 2 is turned up but the way this patch works you should hear both and the FX Block should not "block" the signal to output 1 which it is...


OOOH Crap!
Yes I accidentally plugged the CLR to Input 2 instead of Output 2 when I setup from returning from a gig!!!
Chris Thank you!!!
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