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FX Loop Block

I have presets set up so that output 1 goes to FOH and out 2 goes to an amp and cab set up. To do this I put the cab block all the way over to the right and branch off before the cab block to the FX block which sends signal sans cab to output 2, which is all pretty standard.

I noticed that if I put the FX block all the way to the right, it automatically puts a shunt to the output block.

Question is will this shunt makes the cab-less signal go to output 1 as well as output 2, and if so is there a work around, maybe using the level on the mixer block?

Please excuse my laziness in asking, and not figuring it out, I just thought someone might know.


Fractal Fanatic
Unless you route something to the input of the FX loop, there's nothing coming out of the right side of the FX loop block.
Thanks for the reply. I am obviously not explaining very well, but the entire signal chain before the cab block is going into the FX loop block.


a shunt is the empty box. the line is a "cable" or "connector."

yes putting any block in the last column auto connects to Out 1. reduce the FX Loop LEVEL parameter all the way to minimize any issue, or try to avoid the last column.


You mean that the last block is automatically connected to the output? I think this is by design. Unless you connect something to the Input 2 there should be no signal spillover. However, that's what I usually ask myself here, there should be some added noise to the Output 1, because of the connection.
To be sure, I would dial back the volume of the branch in the Output section.
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