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For funsies, I started from scratch with a blank patch after upgrading to 6.0 (I hadn't tweaked much yet anyway). I called up the Fryette 60M and randomly selected the 4x12 Recto V30 OH (Factory 44) cab. I brought up the drive to 5.57 and the master volume to 6.28 and adjusted the level down slightly to -4.9db. ALL OTHER TONE CONTROLS ARE AT NOON! Of course it needs tweaking, but I am blown away by how good it sounds on defaults. I just uploaded it, so it might take a few minutes to show up.



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ya, I noticed that this Preset sounded really good this time around as well
I didn't even look at what cab is being used on the stock preset.
this sounds very good.
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This isn't even the stock preset. I started with a blank patch, put in the default amp, and factory cab 44. The stock preset does sound good as well though.


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is this recorded direct!?

sounds good man!

I have it setup exactly like I did the ultra. Output 1 left xlr to my atomic wedge, right xlr to my Profire 610 and into reaper. No post production. It really is just a raw tone single tracked. v6.0 is blowing my mind! I can't believe how easy it is now. No PEQ's, no drive pedals, nothing. I always felt with the Ultra that I was using very large cuts and boosts, but I trusted my ears even though my eyes were screaming at me. Now I don't feel like I have to crank things way up or way down to hear the effect they have. Subtle adjustments in the basic controls make a BIG difference.


me likey!!!
we could probably TM this, but it would be easier for us to just download your preset. :D:D:D

very good man!


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can you post this pre set to share?

I'm glad people are enjoying it! It would probably be faster for you to dial it in as I only turned 3 knobs (drive, master volume, and level), but here's the patch! CiQ is my band, ESP is the guitar I used, henceforth the name.
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