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Fractal Audio Support Feedback


About a week ago during a recording session, my AxeFX 2 had its display go "blank". It was though someone had turned the contrast to zero and nothing was readable. After powering it off and on several times, I knew that I could no longer program/use the unit without a working display so I contacted Fractal Customer Support.

I immediately received an automated response from the support email confirming my submission. This was just the start of many things to come. PLEASANT THINGS!

Shortly afterwards, I received another email with a ticket number and access to what seemed to be an online tool to check the status of my support ticket. OK - So far so good... Then I received an email from a support person (who included their name in the reply) responding to the issue I was having and instructions on what I needed to do to get the unit in for service. Unfortunately, my AFX2 was no longer under warranty and I had to pay out of pocket for the repairs including shiping both ways. Ugh.

I filled out the necessary paperwork and sent the unit along with Signature confirmation upon delivery. The same day as the delivery, another email came to me stating that the unit was received and that my AFX2 would be on a service bench within 1 - 2 days. WOW! A response....

The very next day, I was notified of the repairs that were done to my unit and a link to an online payment system to accept the repair costs and shipping back to me. I now have the unit back and all is fine.

What really surprised me is that ony 1 email was automated and the remainder were from an actual person. Each response was informative and fairly quick. Even though I was not under warranty, I was completely satisfied with FRACTAL AUDIO and their professionalism in handling my problem. I had not expected the amount of contact and information. THis was much appreciated as I felt as though I was kept in the loop during the entire support call. I did have a few questions as to what needed to be done and those were answered honestly and politely.

All in all, the experience was first class! I usually do not write back about experiences unless I really felt it necessary. In this case, I thought everything was A+.

Thank you Fractal Audio for treating me like a valued customer! Afterall, I am!

Ben Randolph

Power User
I was pretty happy with Fractal's service and turnaround time when I sent my Ultra in for service. It was past warranty period, but they don't gouge you on bench charges. All in all a pleasant experience.


i had some serious issues with AE and contacted support.
this was like the best "service case" ever, absolutely friendly and professional! :)


Fractal Fanatic
Almost exactly the same experience I had when I had to get support for a funky lcd display.

Top notch and really quite rare in this day and age.


New Member
Had the same experience with Support myself. Very responsive, very professional and efficient.


Fractal Fanatic
High End Products + High End Service = Customer Loyalty, baby.

The best high end/luxury companies get this.

Ben Randolph

Power User
Yeah, you do tend to get better service with higher end items. It's part of the perks of the high end, I suppose. Just like my service experiences with Apple on my Macbook have been great.

Now, my support experience with Microsoft, that's another story entirely <grrrr>.
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